Kind Kravings is more than GOOD food; it is food with a purpose! Compassion and loving-kindness for all living things inspires us and we are passionate about leaving a lasting positive impact on our planet. We believe that good health is essential to happiness and happiness is the key to a fulfilled life that is why it is our mission to provide healthy, cruelty-free, wholesome food for the soul.

To ensure the quality of our food and to minimize our carbon footprint we support ethical, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced foods that are as free as possible of GMO’s, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and animal products/by-products. Our food is also void of cholesterol, trans-fats, and chemical preservatives, just the way nature intended.

We live by the rule of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Some ways in which we do so is to buy local when possible to help the local economy and to cut back on the dependency of shipping, utilize bio-diesel for cleaner power, use plant based compostable to-go containers and plasticware, and reduce packaging by making a lot of our food items in house from scratch. We are always searching for ways to improve and our goal is to one day power our kitchen with solar energy!

With a little hard work and dedication we believe the world is ours to create. We feel blessed and excited for this opportunity to grow with our community and are grateful for all of your love and support.