Weather is warming and spring is just around the corner. This is usually the time we are gearing up for our season on the truck but with the pandemic came great change, not just globally but personally and moving forward for us is looking a lot different.
We have been building other aspects of our overall vision alongside Kind Kraving’s for a few years now and we have reached a point that our other businesses are demanding the time and attention it took to operate Kind Kraving’s.
Unfortunately, this means we have had to make some difficult decisions as to what makes the most sense for us and pushing forward in production and art is our best choice for the time being. We are still building up food trucks as well but we are finding ourselves unable to keep with any time frame on that because there is only so much in the day and our schedule is filling up with production equipment rentals, when we do not have our own events we are hosting. We still plan to do build updates as soon as we can get back to that just to share what we are up to.
Side note: If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing a food truck, please get in touch with Shea as he is building them to be very high quality and they will be very hard to find anything comparable in the price ranges we will be selling them.
Our hopes for the future are to find somewhere that we can comfortably invest in creating a space that would allow for us to run a kitchen and host events and markets under one roof but getting there will take some time and financing, so we are stepping back from food until that is a reality so that we may focus on the areas that will afford us the ability to do so.
Once we have figured out a flow for our other business operations, I will be returning to the creative side of cooking which was what I always loved to begin with, and I would love to share my journey with you. I really need to find the passion in cooking again. Menu style serving can beat it out of you year after year. I began to feel to tired to cook for myself and my family/tribe unless it was our off season and therefore our health is contingent upon the quality of food and ingredients available at local restaurants/ stores. Although we have some great options available, I still find them to be incredibly limiting for my preference when you have to eat three times a day. I need time to create healthy whole food dishes as well as give my body a break from the wear and tear that food trucking has placed on it.
So to all of you, our valued and very appreciated patrons we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always making our dreams possible. Your continued support has given us all the confidence to trust in ourselves and our mission to continue to follow our hearts.
Please continue to follow us! As I said before, this is not it for us. Kind Kraving’s is and will remain a critical aspect to who we are and what we offer. We will never stop believing in the importance of mindful food choices. What we put in our bodies as fuel is the foundation to our success and I still want to be a part of helping others in this area so I plan on finding other ways to stay involved outside of window service.
I know change can be daunting for many. Often times we view it as unwanted but I see it as creating space for new opportunity. We have simply outgrown who we are and stepping into who we are becoming. For us, this is a time for celebration and honoring who we are.
We wish you all the best and we hope to still see you around! Much love and gratitude. May happiness and harmony find you all.