Biscuits & Gravy w/ coconut bacon

  1/2  $5.50  full $9.25

                                                                                                                   Country Breakfast  $11.00

    (biscuit, potatoes, tofu scramble, smothered in gravy and topped w/              coconut bacon)

                                                                                              Cinnamon Roll Pancakes   $9.00

                                                                                                 Orange Pecan Roll Pancakes   $10.50

                                                                                                 Smoky Stacked Toast    $11.00

       (grilled garlic toast, seasoned grilled tofu, smoky "provolone", smoky Chipotle sauce, arugula, mashed avocado, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, Everything Bagel seasoning, pumpkin seeds)

                                                                                                                     (lunch starts at 11:00)

   Green Chile Potato Corn Chowder w/ maple buttered corn muffin  & side salad  (gfo)   $13.00

   Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese w/ side salad  $13.00

(green chile cream cheese, kk signature cheese sauce, grilled jalapeno pepper, adzuki bean bacon strips, grilled garlic artisan sourdough bread)



Water  20 oz.  $1.75

                                 Fresh Brewed Iced Tea  $2.75

                                                                                                                                                                      Coffee  $3.50

                                    Vanilla Iced Coffee $4.50

                           Fresh Pressed Watermelon Lemonade  $4.00

          Sugar Kraving

             Caramel Apple Pie Nachos      $6.50

Warm apple pie filling on top of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips w/ candied walnuts and pecans, caramel sauce, and coconut whipped cream