Sinnamon Roll Pancakes    $9.00

Biscuit(s) & Sage Gravy   $5.25 / $9.25 

Open Faced Burrito  (gfo)    $11.00

(flour tortilla, signature cheese style sauce, pinto beans, grilled seasoned tofu & peppers)

(Lunch Starts @ 11:00)

Chickpea Potpie  $12.00

(chickpeas, green beans, carrots, and peas in a gravy smothered over a biscuit made from scrach)

  Loaded Chile Bowl (gf) $11.75

(3 bean chile smothered in our signature cheese style sauce topped w/onion, kalamate olive, pickled jalepeno, & sour cream w/tortilla chips)

Green Chile Mac   8oz. $5.00 16oz. $9.00

(macaroni, signature cheese style sauce, roasted green chiles, topped w/ herbed oil and sprinkled with parsley)



Fresh Squeezed Rosewater Lemonade  $4

Fresh Brewed Iced or Hot Tea   $2.75

Filtered Water   $1.75

Hot Coffee $3.00

Iced Vanilla Coffee   $4.50

*all drinks are gf

Sugar Kraving

                                   Mexican Sipping Chocolate (gf)   10 oz. $5.50

Caramel Apple Cider (gf)  10 oz. $5.00